Senior Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy encompasses a wide range of services.  At physiozest we Believe a longer appointment time allows for a more thorough assessment and understanding of your issue.  We use 60 minutes for an initial and 45 minutes for a follow up appointment.  We are one on one at all times.  It is our goal to find the cause of your injury or dysfunction and return you to your optimal movement and function.

We have particular interests in musculoskeletal/ sport and womens health physiotherapy (see our womens health page for more info).  


Dry needling is a tool used to alleviate pain and restore function. Dry needling is a gentle, generally pain free insertion of a very fine acupuncture needle into muscle or fascia. The insertion of the needle stimulates the tight muscle, increases blood flow, and stimulates pain relieving nerve fibres. When dry needling is performed by a skilled practitioner, it is a very effective treatment tool to help restore normal muscle function.


Physiotherapists use taping techniques or braces to aid in rehabilitation after an injury, for example after an ankle sprain.

We have loads of braces in stock including knee, ankle and walking boots.

Senior Physiotherapy
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Following injury or pain, the body can adapt to move in a non-optimal way. This may be necessary in the acute painful situation but not always a good thing for the long term. We provide a full body assessment, looking at functional movements related to your pain or injury and provide exercise prescription to retrain your optimal movement patterns to reduce pain or improve function.


Whether you have a running injury or want to improve your technique, at physiozest we can help. With simple cues or change in footwear we can work together to improve or re-train your run style to prevent injury or improve efficiency.


  • New bike purchase?

  • Pain or discomfort?

  • Desire to increase power and efficiency? 

  • Once you’ve completed the sizing process, fitting a bicycle comes down to the contact or connection points between the cyclist and their bicycle and adjusting those moving parts on the chosen bicycle. These five connection points (9 on a time trial or triathlon bike) are the right and left foot, the pelvis, and right and left hands.  



World class cyclist, Mick Curran, offers Coaching Programs, Bike Fitting, Lactate Testing and Power Profile Tests.
Allow him to pass on his knowledge of training and racing which has seen him break World Records and win World Titles, World Cups and multiple National Championships.



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