Physiozest - Your Central Coast Physiotherapist

Physiozest provide individuals with evidence based, up to date treatment options to alleviate your pain and get you back to full fitness and function as soon as possible.

At Physiozest we provide longer treatment sessions, 60 minutes for an initial appointment and 45 minutes for a follow up appointment, to allow a thorough assessment of your individual injury, quality treatment and home exercise planning.

Physiozest provides experienced physiotherapy for a range of conditions including:

  • back and neck pain

  • shoulder pain and acute injuries

  • hip problems

  • knee problems

  • ankle injuries

  • foot pain

  • tendinopathies

  • headache

  • postural pain

  • neural pain

  • post-operative rehabilitation



Should you be arriving by car, we offer street parking.

2/372 The Entrance Rd, Erina Heights. NSW 2261, Australia.

(02) 4384 3395




Missed appointments will set you back in your recovery, so we ask that wherever possible you keep all appointments. If an appointment must be changed, 24 hours notice is appreciated. If less than 24 hours notice is given, a 50% cancellation fee may be charged. This fee is not covered by compensable bodies. People who repeatedly miss or reschedule appointments will regretfully be discharged from care as we realise you will not reach your rehabilitation goals.

MCC - Fitting appointments are done at the clients risk. Any harm caused during the fit from falling off the bike, or trainer is not the fault of MCC. MCC takes upmost respect of all bikes. There is a very small chance that the trainer can put marks on bikes or bolts can be stripped, etc. MCC is not liable for any damage caused. Again, all precautions will be taken. 



2/372 The Entrance Rd, Erina Heights. NSW 2261, Australia.



(02) 4384 3395

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