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Physiozest provides individuals with evidence based, up to date treatment to alleviate your pain or dysfunction and get you back to full fitness and function as soon as possible.

At physiozest we provide longer treatment sessions; 60 minutes for an initial appointment and 45 minutes for a follow up appointment, to allow a thorough assessment of your individual injury, quality treatment and home exercise planning.

Physiozest provides experienced physiotherapy for a range of conditions including:

  • back and neck pain

  • shoulder pain and acute injuries

  • hip problems

  • knee problems

  • ankle injuries

  • foot pain

  • tendinopathies

  • headache

  • postural pain

  • neural pain

  • post-operative rehabilitation

  • sports injuries


Do I need a GP referral?

In most cases, you do not need a GP referral to book an appointment. If you wish to claim a rebate through medicare for a chronic condition, your GP will need to assess if you are eligible and complete the appropriate paperwork prior to your appointment with us. (see below)

Do I get a rebate from medicare for physio?

If you have a chronic condition, you may be eligible to claim a portion of your appointment fee back from medicare. This is available through a Chronic Disease Management Plan (also known as an EPC) from your GP. The program provides a rebate for 5 allied health appointments per calendar year.


We will require the appropriate Chronic Disease Management Plan referral from your GP prior to your appointment if you wish to claim through medicare. The rebate is $58.30 per appointment (or more if you've reached the threshold) so there will likely still be a gap to pay. You can claim the rebate through medicare yourself, or we can do it for you on the spot.


The payment process involves taking payment for the entire consult fee upfront, and then we can put the rebate back onto your card. Please note you will need to bring your medicare card and have a physical debit card (cheque or savings account) to be able to claim the rebate. Our machine will not be able to put the rebate back onto a digital card on your smart phone.

Can I claim with my private health fund for physio?

Yes, you can! We offer on the spot claiming through our hicaps machine for both physio and remedial massage. Please bring your health fund card along if you wish to do this. Our machine is also able to process digital cards from your smart phone if your health fund offers that service. The gap can be paid by eftpos or cash.

Do you accept third party billing?

Unfortunately we do not cater for workers compensation, third party insurance claims, DVA or NDIS.

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